With trademark renewal, brands and businesses can continue protecting their registered trademarks legally. It helps in increasing business opportunities and maintaining a unique identity. It will always protect the owners from the claims of infringement and prevent other people from using their registered trademark.

In general, a registered trademark has a validity of ten years, which can be further renewed indefinitely for the same duration. However, there may be a few nations with different durations of trademark registration and subsequent renewals.

The ideal time to submit a trademark renewal request is six months before the date of the expiry of the registered trademark.

Every country across the globe has its own set of trademark renewal rules and regulations. The following are a few different documents, which you may require for getting a trademark renewed.

  1. Proof of Trademark Usage - In some nations like the United States, you may require providing documentation, which shows that your registered trademark is still in use.

  2. Trademark Renewal Document - It is only a simple form; however, the requirements of this document may vary from one nation to another.

  3. Copy of the Registration Certificate

  4. ID and Address Proof

  5. Power of Attorney

  6. Trademark Renewal Fees - The official fees for getting a trademark renewed varies across different territories.

In the scenario where a trademark owner fails to file for the trademark renewal, he or she can still apply for the same within six months after the expiry of the previous period. A delay of more than six months can prove to be risky and shall attract extra fees and documentation. If the renewal process does not get completed within 12 months of the expiration of the trademark, the trademark gets abandoned, i.e., removed from the trademark register.

Failing to renew your registered trademark weakens your legal position. A trademark, which is renewed from time-to-time, enjoys the ultimate benefit of exclusiveness. It protects you from the claims of infringement and deters other people from using your registered trademark. The case of non-renewal may also lead to the registrar canceling the registered trademark.

In some nations like the United States, you may require providing the declaration of use at the time of trademark renewal for showing that your registered trademark is still in use.

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